Support The FEW  Who Fought For You
It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the organizer, Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protestor to burn the flag.
  - Charles M. Province
Many Fight - Few Win
The FFMC is a military formed organization born in the shadows of hostile conflict while in defense of our brothers in arms. We hold true the bonds of Brotherhood created in the Armed Forces and in defense of this Great Nation. We strive to hold true the principles of freedom and democracy while projecting a respectful and honorable image. The FFMC focuses on the support of military personnel and their families both past and present and the communities they live in. The FFMC is an independent non 1% club that holds no allegiance to any other club and claims no territory.  We crave the pursuit of happiness, our way of life, and the open road. 


National Officers

~ First step in joining the Fightin Few is to simply make contact with us. You can do this via e-mail and request an initial meeting, or by simply seeing one of us and introducing yourself in person. The Fightin Few is an approachable club with members that have solid character and believe in respect and integrity. Asking for information about the club in person with a respectful approach and positive intent is perfectly acceptable to the Fightin  Few.  We expect a certain amount of curiosity when talking to people who are interested in prospecting, and we hope to find those that hold strong values.

~ There are times where the Fightin Few will conduct "Open Recruitment" . The open recruitment process helps the hopeful prospect by shortening the hang around process to a scheduled interview or meeting with executive officers, and may provide the hopeful prospect the opportunity to expedite their entrance in to the club. Where as the prospecting phase will never be skipped. We will make efforts to ensure that the path to being a full patch member is clearly layed out, with expectations defined and fair opportunity to remain on the path provided to the prospect. It is still the responsibility of the prospect to learn, follow, and incorperate the Fightin Few values in to their life. 

~ How do you know if the Fightin Few is actively recruiting? You may have received a recruitment card, or business card, or had a member comment that the Fightin Few is actively looking for members and been provided contact information. Being given a card or contact information that leads to a meeting invite does not automatically guarantee entrance to the prospecting period, but does provide an opportunity to present oneself to the executives, and affords the hopeful a chance to create a good impression through an interview and entrance board. Passing the interview and board may then lead to an offer to enter the Fightin Few as a prospect. 

Hang around ~ If the Fightin Few is not actively recruiting, then the best way to get involved is to make contact, and come hang around. The easiest way to become a prospect is to get to know the members, show us who you are, and have a full member invite you. We are interested in members of good moral character, fun, friendly and with good intestinal fortitude (thick skin so to speak) and able to accept and handle other peoples differences. 

Prospecting Individuals may be recruited or invited to prospect with the Fightin Few by a patch holding member after first being introduced to the executive officers. Hopeful prospects will be given a simple board and review by the executives and the sponsoring patch holder. Prospects must be accepted by full vote of the executives in order to be awarded entry in to the prospecting period.

Prospecting to patched member is in three phases.

•Hang around: Get to know the members and be sure the club is right for you. 
•Prospecting (Top Rocker ): Making sure that your right for the club.
•Patched Members (Center Patch with Top Rocker and Bottom MC's): Committed to the values of the Fightin Few.

Prospecting is usually 6 months to a year, although executives and founders reserve the right to expedite or extend time should circumstance dictate. The Idea is to have enough time for members to see all sides, both good and bad, of a given prospect, as well as their dedication to the values of the Fightin Few itself. The Fightin Few strives for committed members who are dedicated to the clubs value system.

Minimum requirements to prospect with theFightin Few.

•You must be invited by a full member & voted in by the executives as a prospect.
•You must be at least 18 years old and of good moral character.
•You must be the manager of your own life and able to govern all of your own personal decisions.
•Own and ride a street legal cruiser style bike.
•Have Motorcycle License, Registered Machine & Insured if state required.
•Be respectful to all club members, club prospects, and interested parties. 
•No attitudes or actions that can give the club or prospect a bad reputation. 

Expectations of a Prospect:

•Respect the name and values of the Fightin Few.
•Respect the Members, accept everyone’s individuality.
•Understand that we are Individuals, but stand united together as The Few.
•Learn , Know and Understand the rules, values, principles and intent of the Fightin Few.
•Show the Fightin Few how & why you will be a valued member.
•Keep your scooter healthy, in operational condition, and legal.
•Respect other clubs regardless of your opinion of them.
•Give other clubs reason to respect us, regardless of our differences.

During  this time, prospects will be expected to maintain an amount of personal fortitude and open mind as they enter a new environment. Prospects are expected to learn and embrace the ways of the Fightin Few, it's values, rules and intentions as a motorcycle club. Get to know the club and build good relations with it's various members. It is important for the prospect to remember that they are "the new guy" and that each individual member may have a different way of getting to know them. Being a prospect has it's own challenges, but should never be seen as intimidating or questionable. At no time will prospects be subjected to cruel or unusual behaviors, nor will members jeopardize the prospects livelihood or reputation. The intention of prospecting is to discover the new member's core personality, not to bully or discourage them. Being able to manage ones actions, reactions, and fortitude are important parts of the Fightin Few life, and prospecting is a time to fit in and learn the ropes.

Mechanics of being a Prospect:

Prospects will receive the Top "Fightin Few" rocker. After an undetermined amount of time and completion of certain goals, the Prospect will recieve the Bottom MC's. A complete patch set will be awarded upon acceptance as a full member. 100% required.

Prospects will be assigned a full patched member as their sponsor. Sponsor is usually the member that has introduced the prospect to the officers. 

Sponsors are responsible for teaching the prospect the rules, values, and intent of the Fightin Few, as well as keeping the prospect informed of runs, rides, and events.

Prospects should ride and interact with patched members as much as possible in an effort to learn and understand how the Fightin Few functions.

Prospects should be patient, as the process will take as long as needs to.

FULL PATCH: Fightin Few top rocker, Bottom MC's and the Center "Ole Joe" is given to members that have passed the prospecting stage and are considered full members of the Fightin Few for all intensive and functioning purposes. The set symbolizes the member’s successful entry in to and acceptance by the Fightin Few. The set is earned when the member has shown or performed acts, attitudes, and philosophies that reflect the values and intent of the Fightin Few, and shows with confidence and dedication the ability to continue doing so while wearing the patch. Prospects earn the patches through positive actions or motivations, be it single, combined, or over time, especially if they brought honor and respect to the Fightin Few. Prospects must be careful and realize that the path to success is narrow and often difficult, and it is easy to falter from that path and lose ground. The Prospect that stays true to a strong code of honor will succeed and must then remain true to those values as they wear the mark of the Fightin Few. In simple terms, the patch may be earned in many ways, with the central focus being the member has produced efforts that brought honor upon themselves, and has exemplified the values of the Fightin Few MC.

~ Receiving the Patch is the beginning of the real journey. and thus begins the rest of the road. As a full patch member, it is paramount to uphold and exemplify the values and codes of the Fightin Few.  Remember that wearing a three part patch is a life commitment, it symbolizes serious dedication to the direction and intent of the club, it symbolizes one's continual efforts to maintain those values, and bears a dedication to the club through the incorporation of it's philosophies in to one's life. Wearing the colors of the Fightin Few  you have pledged your loyalty, your strength and honor to the club: Loyalty, Integrity, Respect, Morals, Ethics, Honor, Courage, Determination ~ Many Fight, Few Win.




MAY 2015

There are many Organizations that continue to help Military members and their families and the communities they reside in. Some rely on donations from the public to make that assistance possible. Please investigate these links and open your heart to this reality. Many served. Some gave the Ultimate Sacrifice. These organizations give back to the ones who gave so much.
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